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Here you are, folks! My new piece, spreading darkness! ha ha ha

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First #layer of paint finally done. Now let’s go for a second one and think about the corpsepaint… ♥

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Try walking in my shoes!

Today I’ve bought this cool new plaster cast figure. I can’t wait to give it my personal style! Let’s paint it black!

Silvia Garcia | Graphic Design & Illustration | A Coruña

I’ve updated my portfolio, lovelies!

More work in progress from my plaster caster figures. I’ll use only three colours: black, white and “old yellow” to make it gold. Enjoy!

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Someone sent me roses (my favourite flower) and those are now on my desk, lovely! They surely cheer this rainy day up!

Some work made today, Who likes Immortal? ;-)

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Hey! I also have an Instagram account, follow the link here. You can find stuff about my everyday work, art and food!

You’re welcome!

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